EV charging

EV Charging

Installing Electric Vehicle charging point in your business

West Yorkshire Electrical are approved UK installers and suppliers of electric vehicle charging points. To find out more about our home EV charging installation service, please visit our domestic installation section.

We work with a wide range of company sizes and are able to offer personalised solutions to suit your company’s EV requirements.

The commercial benefits of Electrical Vehicle points

Installing EV charging points in a commercial space or office has plenty of benefits for your company. As well as the positive PR benefit of becoming a more environmentally-conscious and innovative company, installing EV points as a business owner will also benefit you from:

  • 0% tax on company cars
  • A new revenue stream from your employees and the public
  • The chance to save money on powering company cars
  • The opportunity for your company to switch to EV fleets

The cost of installing commercial Electric Vehicle charging points

The cost of installing commercial EV charging points as a business owner can be expensive. But if you choose to install electric vehicle charging points in your office or commercial space, as a business owner you can benefit from government grants of up to £14,000. It’s also worth considering that you have the potential to create an additional source of income for your business, as you’ll be able to earn money through EV charging from both your staff and the public.

Commercial Electrical Vehicles Installation Yorkshire and beyond

At West Yorkshire Electrical we are a team of friendly and professional commercial and domestic electrical contractors, looking after all your electrical needs. We can install electrical charging points to your home and business in Yorkshire, as well as nationwide.

Our team works hard to always deliver an exceptional level of service, and promise to always meet your requirements, no matter how large or small. Get in touch today and one of our commercial electricians will provide expert advice on your new business EV installation.

We provide the electrical services you need, when you need them. If you are looking for a reliable and professional, high-quality commercial electrical contractor, then contact WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL today.

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