West Yorkshire Electrical

West Yorkshire Electrical was founded in 2015 by Jamie Grady. He had 12 years of experience working as an electrician and had built up a network of contacts and clients over the years.

Jamie wanted to provide domestic and commercial electrical services that customers could be confident in. His strong work ethic and dedication to providing exceptional customer service is the basis for WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL.

Due to the quality of work, excellent service and reliability Jamie provided, the business quickly grew.

The team at WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL have continued to carry forward the values instilled by Jamie into every area of the business. From the first enquiry, right through to completion, we provide a friendly and professional service.

We believe that our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from the competition. We will keep growing both our domestic and commercial teams and continue to provide a high standard of electrical services to our clients.

Our aim is to become the most reputable team of electrical contractors in Yorkshire, and eventually across the entire UK.

At WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL, we are always finding ways to develop and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. By forming strong partnerships with data and IT businesses, we can offer more than just the usual electrical services.

The continued support from our suppliers, partners and customers is vital to our vision for the future, which is why we strive to build and maintain lasting relationships. As we grow both our team and our network, we are continually improving our ability to provide exactly what our customers need.

A word from Jamie

“When I started WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL, the goal was to develop a team who were as committed to customer service and quality as me. I believe I have achieved this so far; this is evident in the confidence our customers have in us.

Providing a high standard of service is essential for maintaining our excellent reputation. After all, a good reputation is difficult to achieve, but a bad one is harder to lose. We want to continue building a brand you can trust.

I’m proud of what WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL has achieved so far, but I want to keep improving. I will continue to grow WEST YORKSHIRE ELECTRICAL and create a team of dedicated people that have the same determination as me to deliver high-quality service every time.”

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